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Sign Our Open Letter to Northwestern University on Anti-Racism and Reconstruction in a Predominantly White University

October 16, 2020

As Faculty Members within the Department of African American Studies at Northwestern University, we have written a Statement on Anti-Racism and Reconstruction in a Predominantly White University. The statement addresses current affairs and their relationship to the difficult work that we do as educators, thinkers, writers, and mentors who are committed to anti-racism and de-colonization. Our statement is intended to shed light on the routine obstacles or challenges that we often face at our place of employment. As we've been enlivened by the similar work of colleagues, artists, organizers, and activists in different settings, we hope that our statement helps to enliven a stronger movement against anti-Black and racial-colonial violence the world over. We're sharing this statement publicly. If you are interested in demonstrating your support, you can READ AND SIGN THE DOCUMENT HERE.