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Author Collaboration Project

Single Girl Summer
By: Deanna Burrell

Speech / African American Studies – 1998

Single Girl Summer cover

Coached For Success!
By: Rishal Dinkins Stanciel

CAS Political Science - 1987
Kellogg – 1993

Coached for Success cover

The Megalight Connection
By: William Griggs

Speech – 1975

The Megalight Connection cover

Impoverished State of Mind
By: Torri Stuckey

Communication – 2000

Improverished State of Mind cover

Oh Fiddlesticks!
By: Tanji Dewberry

Speech – 1998

Oh Fiddlesticks

By: Adrienne Bitoy Jackson & Russell Jackson

CAS – 1973

Vistas cover

Julie Mangos
By: James Bernard Short (Pen Name - Bernard James)

WCAS – 1985

Julie Mangos cover